Sunday Slim

Happy Sunday! Hope everyones week went well, mine was quite successful! After becoming a brand ambassador for Cece Project / Juice Plus+ I now have three beautiful ladies who I will mentor into being healthy and happier! But also a great team who is encouraging me to succeed with not only the business but my weight … Continue reading Sunday Slim

Dawn Dagger Challenge

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! Sorry this is only a quick post but I am in the midst of finals and having to pre-schedule a lot of my posts so I don't miss any days out! Hopefully in two weeks time I can have amazing content for yous. I was nominated by the lovely Glücksgeist to do this … Continue reading Dawn Dagger Challenge

Sunday Slim #1

Welcome to Sunday Slim! This series will be all about my fitness/weight loss journey - from using Juice Plus to my new favourite exercises, updates on my weekly losses and how I am finding my journey that week! This might be a lengthy post so grab a cup of tea and get reading! So lets kick … Continue reading Sunday Slim #1