How I clean my makeup brushes

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! I don’t know if you are like me, but I put off washing my brushes for far too long! I wear makeup near enough daily, and my eyeshadow brushes get disgusting but I can never be bothered to give them a clean which leads to a blurry not clear eye look.

Every day I’d look at my brushes and be like “lets give them a clean, its good for my skin as I won’t get spots, it only takes a day to dry..” but that never happens! So here I am, using this moment to clean my brushes, and really it only took around 10 minutes.

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As I buy sets of brushes, I don’t actually end up using all of my brushes, so thankfully don’t have to clean my whole collection. The way I have been cleaning my brushes for years is using Baby Shampoo – I don’t mind what kind, they all do a great job. I originally just applied a bit of the shampoo onto the brush and whilst water is running swirl it around my hand, however I got this little nifty tool recently, which is amazing.

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This makeup brush cleaner egg was a set of 2 for just £4.19 and is GREAT! I squirt some of the shampoo onto the area I want to use – the big lines are for larger brushes such as powder/blusher and the dots are for smaller brushes such as eye/lip. In the photo I just popped it into my sink, but there is an opening where you can pop two fingers in and really scrub at your brush with warm water running to keep the dirty product running away. This combo has been really effective and I’ll be continuing to use this!


In a previous Cult Beauty order I got this sold cleanser as a sample. I haven’t given it a go until now, and it isn’t too bad. How I used it was to hold it in my hand (again for the photo I just popped it into my sink) and have water running to foam the cleanser and swirl the brush around. I felt I wasted a lot of the product which is a shame as it is quite expensive if I was to purchase it however, it did do the job! It worked wonders on my highlighter brushes surprisingly. img_4218.jpg

Once I’ve cleaned all of my brushes I lay them onto a towel, and over the edge of my windowsill which thankfully has a radiator underneath. The heat from the window + radiator really speed up the drying process. Also with the brushes hanging over the edge it ensures the water isn’t just sitting under the brushes and they then completely dry.


I think I need to purchase a spot cleanser, especially for my eyeshadow brushes as I don’t have many, so need to use them for multiple shades. If you have any favourites please do recommend them to me. Hope you found this useful, and maybe encourages you to give your brushes a clean! 




15 thoughts on “How I clean my makeup brushes

  1. I use baby shampoo as well. I recently got that beauty blender soap to test it out which isn’t bad, but the price difference is crazy for the same job, so after it’s out back to the baby aisle. Lol. I also, got this goat milk balm that smells SOOOO good, japonesque I believe. $20 on Ulta, but totally worth it!

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