5 Reasons Why I Decided To Blog

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Happy Hump Day Lovelies! So I have officially been ‘back’ for just over a week now and thought it would be appropriate to discuss why I started my blog back in January and why I decided to come back to blogging after my break.

Blogging was one of my new years resolutionsΒ and surprisingly I have stuck with it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thankfully I can say from that post my second resolutions I have lost over a stone in weight – whoop whoop! Anyways, lets get onto the reasons why I decided to start Covet Luxe.

1 – To have an outlet/hobby

For so long I have been an avid YouTube viewer, with endless amounts of subscriptions to a wide range of content creators whilst also reading my favourite beauty and fashion bloggers. Soo, it has always been in the back of my mind why don’t I become a blogger/creator, it’s what I spent 80% of my time doing anyway, I did attempt a ‘fashion’ blog years ago = fail, I also posted 2 videos of me gaming onto my generic YouTube channel = boring. But here we are, doing something which reflects me and is not me trying to be someone else, and guess what, I’m loving it!

2 – It’s mineΒ 

Ok right now my blog is ‘owned’ by WordPress but my aim in the next couple months is to become self hosted and then it’ll truly be MINE! However, blogging enables me to decide what I want to post, when, how, etc. as I am not controlled by anyone, I don’t have to just promote a certain product, I don’t just have to focus on beauty, if I change then my blog will change with me. My blog will grow with me, I’m only 20 in a months time so there is a lot more for me to experience, and as I previously mentioned this blog is a reflection of myself (well what I want the world to see).

3 – Inspired by fellow bloggers

You might have gathered a lot of these reasons overlap, but I feel this is a key reason that I decided to take the plunge. After watching/reading my favourites, seeing their lifestyle, my brain was just like ‘why am I not trying to do this?’. I started reading into how to start a blog and similar posts to this, and it was clear that blogging doesn’t have to be a full commitment, it can be a hobby and something you do when you want to. I don’t expect my life to turn into the bloggers that inspired me, but being able to have my own platform and opinion feels great.

4 – I want to develop my writing skills (marketing student)Β 

After undertaking some work experience at my dream agency where I was tasked to do some copywriting, I realised there was a lot to be improved in my writing style to make it appealing to an audience rather than an academic. So my blog has enabled me to adapt my writing style to my own audience, and there are still hints of my academic essay style peeking through but that won’t fully disappear until I graduate in a years time! Writing hasn’t ever been my strongest, maths and science were my best back in school – but I understand doing a marketing degree I need to be able to be a great writer. And I can say, you don’t have to be a great writer to start a blog, as I defo wasn’t – it’s a platform that enables your skills to develop!

5 – Meet like minded people

This one is mainly focused on why I decided to come back to my blog after my exam season at university. I felt I never had any bloggers that I spoke to and wasn’t a part of the community, tbh I still don’t feel that I have any, but I’m trying to integrate myself more. I have started new social media accounts, I participate in blogger chats on Twitter and am part of different chats and comment groups which has helped me get familiar with some other bloggers. But I do still aim to have some girls who blog that I can talk to about blogging or anything, but I guess that will come at some point!


There it is, my main reasons as to why I decided to blog, I hope that might help some of you to decide to blog as I would defo recommend it to anyone!

I would also love to know any current bloggers the reasons as to why you blog πŸ™‚Β 


7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Decided To Blog

  1. They are all good reasons to blog! And don’t worry about the essay style, it can sometimes add a bit of quirkiness to a post! πŸ™‚

    Lauren πŸ™‚ x

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  2. I decided to blog because, like you, I became inspired by other like-minded bloggers and I really want to put my writing out there as I want to be a writer myself. I would also like to hone my writing skills as a journalist and I am very interested in working in PR so this would be a very effective way of doing it! I love your blog; you are doing very well!

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  3. What a cool idea for a blogpost, I might do it as well sometimes! I also love to blog as an outlet and meeting people who have the same passions as me is great. I also love to know people from other cultures and countries to learn more about them. Blogging is just fun and it’s great to get to know people! xo

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