Sunday Slim

Happy Sunday! Hope everyones week went well, mine was quite successful! After becoming a brand ambassador for Cece Project / Juice Plus+ I now have three beautiful ladies who I will mentor into being healthy and happier! But also a great team who is encouraging me to succeed with not only the business but my weight … Continue reading Sunday Slim

I went vegetarian for a week!

Happy Monday my lovelies! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I've had a very busy weekend visiting family and spending precious time with my puppy. As you might have seen from last weeks posts, I was trying a veggie diet for a week, and its been very successful! Todays post will be a recipe I tried out from … Continue reading I went vegetarian for a week!

Café Rouge – Valentines Lunch

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a very romantic week! Myself and my boyfriend delayed Valentines Day till he was visiting me at University, so our February 14th became a 16th. We spent the day eating food, wandering around shops and watching tv, a relaxed but lovely day. I have been to … Continue reading Café Rouge – Valentines Lunch