5 Reasons Why I Decided To Blog

<a href="https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/18455335/?claim=kr2sur89bs7">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Happy Hump Day Lovelies! So I have officially been 'back' for just over a week now and thought it would be appropriate to discuss why I started my blog back in January and why I decided to come back to blogging after my break. Blogging was one of my … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Decided To Blog

Dawn Dagger Challenge

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! Sorry this is only a quick post but I am in the midst of finals and having to pre-schedule a lot of my posts so I don't miss any days out! Hopefully in two weeks time I can have amazing content for yous. I was nominated by the lovelyΒ GlΓΌcksgeistΒ to do this … Continue reading Dawn Dagger Challenge

Blue Sky Tag!

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is well and thank you so much GlΓΌcksgeist for nominating me for this tag. Her blog is amazing and she has just done a whole week on Beauty And The Beast, what more could you want?! The rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the 11 questions. Tag 11 people. … Continue reading Blue Sky Tag!

Blogger Awards!

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! Thank you so much for your support, and still cannot believe I'm sticking with this 2 months on (quite proud of myself tbh). Hope you are all having a marvellous 2017, it's going so fast, I've already had quite a few ups and downs, but looking forwards to more positives that … Continue reading Blogger Awards!

Style Inspiration – Fashion Friday #3

Happy Friday! I've had quite a busy week, assessment centre, interviews, reports to write, so I'm very glad the weekend has arrived! The UK weather is being a bit crazy at the moment, its incredibly windy but moments of sunshine so I never know what to wear anymore so I just wish the weather would … Continue reading Style Inspiration – Fashion Friday #3