How I clean my makeup brushes

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! I don't know if you are like me, but I put off washing my brushes for far too long! I wear makeup near enough daily, and my eyeshadow brushes get disgusting but I can never be bothered to give them a clean which leads to a blurry not clear eye look. Every … Continue reading How I clean my makeup brushes

What I Own Wednesday – Eyeshadow Palettes

Happy Hump Day! My usual schedule is Wednesday & Sunday, but from this week onwards I will be posting on Friday as well, so look forward to Fashion Friday! I'm trying to give my post days either a topic/series. From now, every Wednesday I will discuss products I own, things I use and things I do and today … Continue reading What I Own Wednesday – Eyeshadow Palettes

Beauty Wishlist

Happy Sunday! Hope you have had a lovely weekend, here is a post all about the products I want (hopefully I'll own them someday) to help you forget that Monday is just around the corner!   Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette - This palette is a dream for most makeup lovers however, it's constantly sold out … Continue reading Beauty Wishlist