Summer Makeup Look

Happy Sunday lovelies!! I hope your weekend was relaxing, mine sure wasn't, but I don't mind being busy when I am just on summer holiday from uni - getting my society all organised for the next academic is proving a lot more work than expected! But anyway, you are here for a makeup look - … Continue reading Summer Makeup Look

How I clean my makeup brushes

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! I don't know if you are like me, but I put off washing my brushes for far too long! I wear makeup near enough daily, and my eyeshadow brushes get disgusting but I can never be bothered to give them a clean which leads to a blurry not clear eye look. Every … Continue reading How I clean my makeup brushes

I had my hair cut?! + ABH Makeup look!

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! It is so sunny and it has made me a happier person already! I also have done a HIIT workout today, my first in a while and I think that is where I've got some of my energy from (strangely)! Ever since getting my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette I've … Continue reading I had my hair cut?! + ABH Makeup look!

A Few of My Favourite Things #1

It's that time of the month where I gather up what I've been loving the past 4 weeks and share it with you lovely bunch! This is the first in my hopefully endless series of 'monthly favourites' and I can say that January was a wonderful month! I not only started my blog and have been loving every … Continue reading A Few of My Favourite Things #1

Most Used: Makeup Brushes

Happy Hump Day! Hope your week has been going well and that you are prepared for the couple remaining days. It has nearly been a month of owning my new Zoeva brushes and thought I'd let you in on my favourite ones from the set and my OG faves that I've owned for far too long! … Continue reading Most Used: Makeup Brushes

Beauty Haul

I recently have splurged a little in regards to makeup. From new makeup brushes to lipliners, I've bought quite a bit. Quite a few of these products I was inspired to buy from research on drugstore makeup, so they shouldn't be to unknown for you. To start it off with, Zoeva. I searched low and … Continue reading Beauty Haul